So, I was having breakfast today with the kids. Just regular sliced bread and fried egg.

I sat at the table after they had all taken their own slices (I have 3 sons, Michael 9, Kevin 8 and Richard 6). The first thing I noticed was that they skipped the first slice of bread, you know the brownish slice that feels a little hard.

Me (to no one in particular, in a not so serious tone): You don’t eat “back of bread”. You think it’s not part of the bread or not edible?

Then I continued in a slight monologue, they were trying to respond but, mixed with their incessant chuckles, I was bent on finishing my mild rant first before I hear anyone out.

Me: Anyway, when u start making your own money you will find out it’s actually edible.

Me: Do you’ll even know that making money is hard?

Still no one is responding to me, so I decided to engage one by one. I started asking direct questions.

Kevin seems to take charge, he is more vocal of all, so I was unconsciously expecting him to speak up.

Kevin (in a calm, casual manner, in between chewing a piece of bread and sipping of his tea): There are easy ways.

How? I muttered, my eyes lighting up a bit in anticipation of this easy way I hadn’t figured out in 40 years of my existence!

Kevin: Yes, there are easy ways.

Richard (in between chewing and chuckling):  You can steal it like they do on TV (too much police and thief games I think.).

I took a break to explain to him that is a bad thing to do and there are consequences etc. a couple of minutes of lecture to him and I focused back on Kevin, part of my mind (in a non-serious way) eager to hear his easy method of making money.

Me: How do you make money the easy way – I repeated a few times.

He was busy chuckling and eating, perhaps waiting for me to push more for him to divulge his secret plan, or just not ready to let me into his secret plan yet. He kept saying it was his secret and he won’t tell.


A couple of days back, I had had a discussion with a friend about what the future holds for our kids given all the stuff happening with respect to digital bridge and the world becoming one small competitive digital village, AI and the loss of jobs, Covid19. You know, how would their life be, what jobs would they do and how would they survive etc. Well, at least we ended the discuss by leaning on the hope that the world would always take care of its future.

So, here I was, eager to hear from the future, on the same issue. Lol. At this point, I was doing a mental scan on what this easy way could be…

Kevin is an extremely “curious cat”, you know the kind of kid who knows about everything in the house, that fixes the TV remote and all other electronic and non-electronic stuff. Almost always busy with his laptop. So, from way back, I have been on the lookout for him, trying to guide his energy to stuff I feel are more positive – learn how to code (yes, they should start early), how to type properly, how to do this and that – all the serious stuff. Then of course I also allow them have fun by playing games and all. The way they figure out those “complex” games is amazing. He spends lots of time on laptop playing Minecraft and all, and less of watching regular TV.


Back to the breakfast table –

Me: So, please can you tell me now?

Kevin: I will make money by becoming a YouTuber

I felt he might not have fully understood what he was saying and with some “I dare you” and a bit of sarcastic smile, I blurted out (in a kind tone) a few questions like – do you even know what a YouTuber is? What do they do? Do you know any kid who is a YouTuber?

He responded, now in an excited high tone – telling me about the channels he has seen, the names, how many videos, views, subscribers and how he would be famous and rich doing that – this kid is 9!

Well, let’s just say I was the one who didn’t really know the answers to my own questions, I turned to my laptop after breakfast and quickly made a small research – he was right! I kept muttering to myself as I check out a few kid-YouTube channels…

Bam! Not the answer I was expecting, my mind never went there at all..

I recovered quickly and saw the great positive in what he said. This could be a way of the future taking care of itself, I thought. This could be one way for me to step in and guide him unto something positive.

I scanned my brain and immediately took over the discussion. I told him how it’s a wonderful idea and what kind of topics he could be creating. How he needs to think outside the box and record whatever he is doing as potential content. Means he has to perform quality tasks for people to appreciate and enjoy – whether he is doing house chores, school work, playing games on the laptop, building stuff, all could be potential content for his channel.

We spent the next couple of hours creating the YouTube channel and making the first video. Of course, my wife and I were the first to like the video and subscribe to the channel.


Well, the moral of this story for me is, never worry too much about the future, just focus on being an ENABLER of the future. The future will take care of itself. Very well!

He is super excited about the whole stuff; his siblings are in full support and both act as director and hype -man in the videos – or just support/crew. For now, they are glad to play whatever role.


Please show him some love and subscribe/like his videos…

Channel name: FIREM DUDES (firem is his Minecraft character name. lol)

Intro Video is below:



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