In the course of designing my Startup product websites ( and, I had engaged an online community where i interacted from time to time with fellow Startup founders (Indiehackers) and the responses were raw, objective and very useful to say the least.

I have therefore decided to share some of the feedback while adding a bit of my own commentary in hindsight. Enjoy this!

1. “From my point of view, you charge very little for what you offer. I think it may turn people away. Also, some examples of work”.

There has always been a bone of contention around pricing.

Should you price high (go premium) – ask yourself, do you have massive competitive advantate? Are your target segment affluent or bargain-hunters? One key thing here is knowing your customer very well as well as understanding your product very well versu competition.

On the other hand, if you price very low, then it becomes an indication of low quality offering. This automatically turns customers away.

-Price is the wilingness to pay by your customer vs his or her percieved value of your product. You could put yourself in the shoes of the customer and perform this balancing act once in a while.

-Know your customer, know your product, know your competition! the 3Ks!

2. Your headline is a bit generic. Every marketing service claims to help grow clients’ business. What’s you’re unique value proposition? And can you put it in more specific terms? What does that growth look like to your potential customer? Paint a picture for them.

3. You’re probably asking for too much, too soon. Entrepreneurs who have little marketing and sales experience or employees handling that are likely bootstrapping and, I suspect, would be hesitant to invest much in a this type of thing without being confident in the ROI. You need to first demonstrate value and build trust.

This speaks to pricing and willingness to pay by the customers as explained above.

4. Social proof has become pivotal! And I was just noticing.. lol.

immediately is to include proof though testimonials, case studies, etc. And even with that on the page, it might take several interactions with a prospect before they convert. That’s why it might be a good idea to have a lead magnet or low priced tripwire offer as a starting point. Maybe offer one or more of the evaluations for free and then follow up with proposals for improving on the areas you identify in that evaluation report

5. Please rework on the design especially the font and the spacing . It will make it much more professional and trust worthy.

This is my favourite feedback and I will show you why… he attached 2 YouTube video links on UI/UX design that proved to be bangers!

Please don’t click when you are in a hurry, sit back, relax and enjoy them.


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